Barnston Island Ferry

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The Barnston Island Ferry is a ferry across Parson's Channel on the south side of the Fraser River to Barnston Island in British Columbia, Canada.[1]

The ferry is actually a barge that is pushed across the Fraser River using a small tugboat attached to it.[2] Having limited space, it can carry up to 6 vehicles and 52 passengers (when 6 vehicles are aboard, only 28 passengers will be carried).[3] The crossing time is usually five minutes. The ferry terminal landing is accessed from British Columbia Highway 1 by taking exit 50 into Port Kells, Surrey and traveling down to the end of 104th Avenue.[2]

The ferry operates under private contract with the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and is free of tolls, as are all inland ferries in British Columbia.[1] The operation is Transport Canada Marine Safety inspected annually and all crew members are Transport Canada certified.[3] It operates on-demand from 6:15 in the morning to 23:50 with an extra hour to 00:55 on the weekend. Service is interrupted as/when river traffic warrants. The school bus gets boarding priority on school days.[3]

With the closure of the Albion Ferry in July 2009, the Barnston Island Ferry is one of the last remaining inland ferries in the Fraser Valley.

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