Bateaux London

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35px London River Services
Bateaux London
A panoramic cruise boat at Embankment Pier
Locale River Thames, London, UK
Piers servedGreenwich Pier, Tower Millennium Pier, Bankside Pier, Embankment Pier, Westminster Pier
Transit typeLeisure/dining cruises
No. of lines 1
No. of terminals5
OwnerBateaux London
Operator Bateaux London
Website official website
London River Services

Bateaux London is a river boat company which provides cruises on the River Thames in London, United Kingdom. The company specialises in scheduled restaurant cruises and private charters with on-board catering and live music entertainment. Bateaux London cruises operate on the Thames under licence from London River Services, part of Transport for London.


Dining services are carried on a glass-covered vessel measuring 10m wide by 55.8m long, which provides panoramic views of the London skyline. A smaller 8.5m-wide dining vessel has a retractable roof and is also used for scheduled cruises.


Scheduled services depart daily from Embankment Pier and travel both east and west along the Thames before returning.

A tourist boat operated by Bateaux London Catamaran Cruisers on the River Thames

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