French frigate Amélie (1808)

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Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Amélie
Namesake: Amélie Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon who died in her infancy
Builder: Toulon
Laid down: 1807
Launched: 21 July 1808
Fate: Broken up on 17 August 1842
General characteristics
Class and type: Pallas class
Propulsion: Sail
Armament: 46 guns
Armour: Timber

The Amélie was a 46-gun Pallas class frigate of the French Navy.

On 21 October 1809, she sailed from Toulon to escort a convoy bound for Barcelona. Chased by a British squadron under Collingwood, she joined up with Pauline and Borée and managed to reach Toulon.

On 29 March 1811, she departed Toulon with Adrienne, escorting the storeship Dromadaire carrying 8 tonnes of gunpowder and ammunition to Corfu. Two days later, the ships ran across a British squadron comprising HMS Unite and HMS Ajax. Dromadaire was captured, while the frigates managed to escape to Portoferraio.

At the Bourbon Restauration, she was renamed to Junon, effective from 11 April 1814.

She served during the Spanish Civil War, capturing a privateer brig and fighting off Barcelona.

She served as a transport in Madagascar, then was re-armed in the Mediterranean, before being struck in 1842.

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