Pelle Pettersson

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Olympic medal record
Competitor for  Sweden
Silver 1972 Munich Star class
Bronze 1964 Tokyo Star class

Per "Pelle" Helmer Petterson (born July 21, 1932) is a Swedish sailor and yacht designer. He is probably best known for designing the Maxi sailing boats, which are still among the most common sailing boats in Swedish waters. He also designed Volvo's successful sports car P1800 while he was a student of Pietro Frua.[1]

Olympic Medals and other Yacht Racing Awards

He won Olympic medals for Starboat racing in 1964 and 1972.[2]. He won the World Championship title in the Star class at the 1969 Worlds in San Diego, USA. He skippered the Swedish America's Cup Challenges in 1977 and 1980.


In 2004, he received a prestigious award (KTH's Stora Pris) from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.[3]


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