SS Orcades (1921)

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Orcades-1 c.1921-1925.jpg
Orcades c.1921-1925 formerly Prinz Ludwig

Prinz Ludwig (1906)

Orcades (1921)

North German Lloyd 1906-1919
British Shipping Controller 1919-1921

Orient Steam Navigation Company (Orient Line) 1921-1924

Germany-Asia 1906-1914

UK-Australia 1919-1924
Builder: Vulkan SMAE, Stettin, Germany
Launched: 12 May 1906
Out of service: 20 September 1924
Fate: Broken-up 1925, Bremerhaven, Germany
General characteristics
Tonnage: 9,764
Length: 150.0 m
Beam: 17.7 m
Draught: 8.2 m
Installed power: Quadruple expansion engines
Propulsion: Twin screws
Speed: 15 knots
Capacity: 599 passengers (after 1921 refit)
Notes: Transferred from Germany to the UK under war reparation conditions

SS Orcades was built in Germany and launched as Prinz Ludwig. Served on routes to Asia until laid up in Germany during the 1914-1918 War. As part of war reparations Prinz Ludwig came under control of the British Shipping Controller in 1919 and was used for troop repatriations to Australia.

Prinz Ludwig was purchased by the Orient Steam Navigation Company (Orient Line) in 1921, underwent refit and was renamed Orcades. The vessel then served on the UK-Australia route until 1924.

Orcades is an ancient name for the Orkney Islands.[1]



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