Shockwave (yacht)

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Shockwave was a 24.4m sail racing yacht built in 2000. At the time, it was biggest racing yacht in the world, having been designed by United States naval architects Reichel/Pugh, with many parts such as hull, rudder, mast and boom, mainsail and headsails made of carbon fibre.[1]

On 10 October 2009, at around 2.30am, while taking part in the annual Flinders Islet Race, she apparently grounded near Flinders Islet, New South Wales, Australia during moderate weather (though at a time of heavy 2.3m high swells). Despite multi-hour rescue operations that enabled 16 crew members to be taken to safety by helicopter from the islet where most had taken refuge, two - the owner, Andrew Short and crewmember Sally Gordon - died from injuries or hypothermia. The two, as well as a third person Andrew's son Nicholas Short who was recovered alive, have been reported as having been swept overboard by the boom of the yacht after it hit the rocks. The new owner had only recently bought the yacht from New Zealander millionaire Neville Crichton, but he and his crew were described as having been very experienced.[1][2]

Approximate Position 34°27′26″S 150°55′52″E / 34.4572°S 150.9310°E / -34.4572; 150.9310Coordinates: 34°27′26″S 150°55′52″E / 34.4572°S 150.9310°E / -34.4572; 150.9310,