MS Stena Seafarer

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MS Stena Seafarer is a ship/ferry that operates on the service between Larne, Northern Ireland and Fleetwood, England. The ship is different to Stena Leader and Stena Pioneer as this was built to carry passengers rather that freight.[citation needed] Freight is also carried on the service.

Seafarer was built in 1975 for Stena Line as Union Melbourne, before being renamed "Union Trader" in 1980. In the same year, the ship was acquired by P&O Irish Sea, becoming Puma, then European Seafarer in 1998.[1] In 2004 Stena Line the vessel transferred from P&O Irish Sea into the hands of Stena Line.[2] In 2004 the ship was renamed to Stena Seafarer [1].

Seafarer takes 8 hours to travel between Larne and Fleetwood but can take up to 12 hours depending on tide depths at Fleetwood.[citation needed]

Seafarer is the biggest ship (longer and wider) out of the three that operate on the route, but not the heaviest.[citation needed] IMO number: 7361594