Pommern (ship)

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This article is about Finnish sailing ship, for German battleship, see SMS Pommern
File:Pommern ship image 2005.jpg
Sailing ship Pommern in Mariehamn, 2005.
The Pommern, anchored in the western of Mariehamn's two harbours, Västerhamn.

The Pommern, formerly the Mneme (1903–1908), is a windjammer. She is a four-masted barque that was built 1903 in Glasgow at J. Reid & Co shipyard.

The Pommern (German for Pomerania) is one of the Flying P-Liners, the famous sailing ships of the German shipping company F. Laeisz. Later she belonged to Gustaf Erikson (Åland) who used her to carry grain from Spencer Gulf area in Australia to harbours in England or Ireland until the start of World War II. After World War Two, she was donated to town of Mariehamn as a museum ship.

She is now a museum ship anchored in Mariehamn, Åland. A magnificent collection of photographs taken by Ordinary Seaman Peter Karney in 1933 showing dramatic pictures of life on a sailing ship rounding Cape Horn can be found in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. Some of these photographs can be found in the wonderfully graphic and illustrated account of voyages round Cape Horn that has been published in Swedish by Harry Hedenström who served as a cook on the Pommern entitled Runt Hornet som Kock (Round the Horn as a ship's cook).

The Pommern has a reputation of a "lucky ship". She survived both world wars unscatched, has never lost a single crew member on her journeys and she has won the Great Grain Races twice, 1930 and 1937. She is one of the most popular landmarks of the Åland and annually visited by thousands of visitors.

Four other Clyde-built tall ships are still afloat:

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