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A training ship is a ship used to train students as sailors. The term is especially used for ships employed by navies to train future officers. Essentially there are two types: those used for training at sea and old hulks used to house classrooms.

The hands-on aspect provided by sail training has also been used as a platform for everything from semesters-at-sea for undergraduate oceanography and biology students, marine science and physical science for high school students, and character building for at-risk youths.

In the Sea Cadet Corps all Units are prefixed T.S followed by the ship's name, e.g Preston Sea Cadets ships name is T.S Galloway. The prefix is used as the Sea Cadets is not part of the navy, paramilitary or pre-service and cannot be prefixed HMS

Notable training ships

Royal Navy:

Other navies:

File:Americo Vespucio em Veneza.jpg
Amerigo Vespucci, Venice, 2006

Merchant fleet:

Sail Training Vessels:

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