RMS Albania (1900)

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RMS Albania
Name: 1900: Consuelo
1909: Cairnrona
1911: Albania
1912: Poleric
Operator: 1909-1911: Thomson Line
1911-1912: Cunard Line
1912-1929: Bank Line of Glasgow
Port of registry: Liverpool, 22x20px
Builder: C S Swan & Hunter, Wallsend-on-Tyne
Launched: 3 February 1900
Maiden voyage: 17 September 1901
Fate: Scrapped in 1930
General characteristics
Type: Ocean liner
Tonnage: 7,640 gross tons
Length: 461.5 ft (140,65 m)
Beam: 52.1 ft (15,88 m)
Propulsion: Twin propeller powered by Six-cylinder turbines by T Richardson & Sons, Hartlepool
Speed: 11 knots
Capacity: 50 2nd Class; 800 3rd Class

The RMS Albania was a steamship that served various owners.

She was launched on 3 February 1900 by C S Swan & Hunter, Wallsend-on-Tyne as Consuelo for Thomas Wilson & Sons of Hull. She was sold in 1909 to Thomson Line and renamed Cairnrona.

Cunard Line ownership

She was sold by Thomson Line in 1911 to Cunard Line and renamed Albania, along with Ausonia and Ascania. These three ships were designed to sail on the Southampton - Halifax route and were also the first Cunard ocean liners to sail from Southampton.

In 2 May 1911, the Albania pioneered Cunard's new route and on 16 May, she was followed by Ausonia and Ascania on 23 May.

Albania became the first Cunard Line vessel to sail the St. Lawrence River to Montreal, which became a familiar destination for the company. When the St. Lawrence River was closed due to sea ice during the winter months, the western terminus of the route was changed to Portland, Maine.

Within six months of her purchase, the Albania was determined to be a losing proposition for the company and she was listed for sale.

Bank Line ownership

On 12 June 1912 she was purchased by the Bank Line of Glasgow for £20,000 and she was renamed the Poleric. She remained in service with the Bank Line until 1929 and she was scrapped in 1930.


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