MS Pride of Burgundy

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Pride of Burgundy at Dover
Name: 1993-1999: Pride of Burgundy'
1999-2002: P&OSL Burgundy
2002-2003:PO Burgundy
2003-present: Pride of Burgundy
Owner: 1993-2002: P&O European Ferries (Dover) Ltd
2002-present: P & O Ferries Ltd
Operator: P&O Ferries
Port of registry: Dover,  United Kingdom
Route: Dover-Calais
Builder: Schichau Unterweser AG, Germany
Launched: 16 May 1992
Completed: 23 March 1993
Maiden voyage: 5 April 1993
Identification: IMO number: 9015254
Status: in service
General characteristics
Tonnage: 28,138 tonnes
Length: 179.7 m (589.6 ft)
Beam: 28.3 m (92.8 ft)
Draft: 6.27 m (20.6 ft)
Installed power: 4 x Sulzer ZA40S Diesels
Propulsion: Two controllable pitch propellers
Speed: 21 knots
Capacity: 1,420 passengers
600 passenger vehicles or 120 15m freight vehicles

The Pride of Burgundy is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries. The ship was originally to be the fourth 'European Class' freight only vessel for P&O European Ferries Dover-Zeebrugge route to be named European Causeway. Due to demand on the Dover-Calais route the ship was converted to a multi-purpose ferry (passengers and freight) prior to completion with the addition of extra superstructure. It is a commonly stated in ferry publications and website that the original choice of name for the ship was Pride of Lille[1]. By capacity she is one of the smallest DoverCalais ferries, only taking 1,420 passengers and 600 cars.

This ship consists of 9 decks. The vehicles are placed at deck 3-5. Passengers' leisure area is at deck 7-8. The open deck is at the aft of deck 9. Smoking area and non-smoking area is separated at open deck.

P&O has announced that, from 9 January 2009, the company's Langan's Brasserie and Club Class lounge will no longer be offered aboard Pride of Burgundy.

Sister Ships

Because of her conversion to multi-purpose passenger vessel during construction the Pride of Burgundy has no identical sisters. She does however share a number of mechanical, layout and visual features with the other 'European Class' ships in the P&O fleet:-

Unlike the converted Pride of Canterbury and Pride of Kent, Pride of Burgundy retains a number of cabins on deck 7 though these are not for passenger use.


Pride of Burgundy at Dover - Calais Ferry Pictures