Oasis class cruise ship

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Oasis of the Seas on 30 October 2009
Class overview
Builders:STX Europe, Turku, Finland
Operators:Royal Caribbean International
Preceded by:Freedom class
Built:2007-2010 (planned)
In service:2009
General characteristics
Type: Cruise ship
Tonnage: 225,282 GT[1]
Length: 360 m (1,181 ft) overall[2]
Beam: 47 m (154 ft) waterline
60.5 m (198 ft) extreme[2]
Height: 72 m (236 ft) above water line[3]
Draught: 9.3 m (31 ft)[2]
Depth: 22.55 m (74 ft)[2]
Decks: 16 passenger decks[4]
Installed power: 3 × Wärtsilä 12V46D engines (13,860 kW/18,590 hp each)
3 × Wärtsilä 16V46D engines (18,480 kW/24,780 hp each)[3][5]
Propulsion: 3 × 20 MW ABB Azipod, all azimuthing[3]
Speed: 22.6 knots (41.9 km/h; 26.0 mph)[4]
Capacity: 5,400 passengers double occupancy; 6,296 total[4]

The Oasis class (formerly known as Project Genesis[6]) is a class of Royal Caribbean International cruise ships that are the world's largest passenger ships. Two ships were ordered in February 2006, named Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.[6][7] Oasis of the Seas was completed and delivered on October 28, 2009,[8] while Allure of the Seas is under construction and is expected to be completed by late 2010.


The Oasis class have surpassed the earlier Freedom class as the world's largest passenger ships. At 360 m (1,181 feet) in length Oasis is 21 metres (69 ft) longer than the prior largest passenger ship, the Independence of the Seas and classmates. Oasis also is 8.5 metres (28 ft) wider, and with a gross tonnage of 225,282, is almost 45% larger.[9][10] Oasis class vessels carry over 5,400 passengers.

Like the Freedom class, the Oasis class ships are built by STX Europe (formerly Aker Yards) in Turku, Finland. The first of the Oasis class, priced at US$1.24 billion (€ 900 million)[11] reportedly is the most expensive commercial ship ever built.[11] The option for a second ship of the class was exercised by Royal Caribbean on April 2, 2007. The second ship is to be delivered by STX Europe in August 2010.[12]

On December 11, 2007, the keel of the first vessel of the class was laid down in Turku.[9] In early 2008, Royal Caribbean ended months of speculation by announcing that their two Oasis class ships would be based year-round at Port Everglades, Florida.[13]

On April 15, 2008, Royal Caribbean held a press conference in New York City to release the first official information and renderings of "Central Park", a 5-deck high area in the middle of the ship, open to the sky and filled with lush tropical gardens, upscale restaurants and shops.[14] The area, one of seven "neighborhoods" onboard the ship, also features the Rising Tide Bar, which will move up and down through 3 decks. There will be 334 staterooms overlooking the Park, 254 with balconies - four of which are wheelchair accessible. Two arched-glass domes in Central Park called the Crystal Canopies will provide sunlight into the ship's inner public spaces.[15]


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File:Oasis and Allure at Turku dock Oct2009.JPG
The Oasis class sisters, MS Allure of the Seas (left) and nearly finished MS Oasis of the Seas (right) under construction at Turku shipyard on October 2009.

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