Dart 16

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Current Specifications
Class Symbol
Crew 2
LOA 4.80 m
Beam 2.30 m
Hull weight 125 kg
Mast height 7.50 m
Mainsail area 10.40 m2
Jib / Genoa area 2.70 m2
Spinnaker area 11.53 m2
RYA PN 872

The Dart 16 is a one-design 4.80 m long sailing catamaran. It is designed to be sailed by two people.



The Dart 16 is a modern beach catamaran that is fast, affordable, and seaworthy. The boat lacks the dangerous main boom, as well as daggerboards, spreaders, and complicated trimming mechanisms.

The lower part of the hulls have skegs typical for a beach catamaran. The most noticeable difference to the popular Dart 18 and Sprint 15 catamarans is that the hulls are made out of Tecrothene, a thermo plastic. This material is very impact- and scratch-resistant, but somewhat heavier and harder to repair than fiberglass. The kick-up rudders are similar to the Hobie 16.

The rigging consists of a rotating aero-dynamically shaped aluminum mast held by a forestay and two shroud wires. There is a trapeze for the crew.

The mainsail does not have a boom, has 6 full battens, and is controlled by a main sheet with a 6:1 mechanical advantage. The main sheet system has ball-bearing blocks, a ratchet, and a cleat. The jib sail has a furling system, so it does not have battens, and is controlled by a jib sheet with a 2:1 mechanical advantage. A gennaker sail is available.

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