New Flamenco (ship)

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New Flamenco is a cruise ship whose former names were Spirit of London, Sun Princess, Majestic, Starship Majestic, Southern Cross, and Flamenco.


The ship was launched and named in 1972 by P&O as the Spirit of London. She had originally been ordered by the Norwegian Caribbean Line (NCL) (to be named Seaward) but P&O bought her unfinished hull after NCL had pulled out of the deal. In 1974, P&O bought Princess Cruises and the Spirit of London was renamed Sun Princess, joining the Island Princess and Pacific Princess in the Princess fleet. The ship appeared in the 1975 Columbo episode "Troubled Waters", guest starring Robert Vaughn, as well as in Herbie Goes Bananas (1980). She was also featured in at least one episode of The Love Boat involving a competition between Captain Stubing of the Pacific Princess and the captain of the Sun Princess.

1988 saw the sale of the Sun Princess by P&O to Premier Cruises, where it was initially named Majestic, becoming the Starship Majestic in 1989. In 1994, she was purchased by CTC and was renamed the Southern Cross. She was renamed again in 1998 when Festival Cruises began operating her as the Flamenco. After Festival Cruises collapsed,[citation needed] she began sailing for Cruise Elysia as New Flamenco.

Princess Cruises introduced a new Sun Princess in 1995.


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