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Current Specifications
Crew 1
Type Sailboard
Design One Design
Mainsail area 6.5 m2 (70 sq ft)
Infobox last updated: 20-APR-2010
Former Olympic Class

For the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics[1], the Olympic board choice was between the original Windsurfer One Design manufactured by Hoyle Schwitzer and the Windglider designed and made in Europe. The Windglider was chosen late in 1983 based on it being more 'one design' as the Windsurfer was made of polyethylene and its rocker could be easily changed with heat and weight on a daily basis.

The Windglider used a 6.5m sail but the use of a harness was not permitted. The daggerboard weighed around 4kg and was carried over the sailor's shoulder during the downwind legs. The 1984 Olympic course of nine nautical miles put a premium on the competitors strength and fitness.

The supplied equipment was rotated daily (except for the rigs).