Tempest (keelboat)

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Current Specifications
File:Tempest (keelboat).svg
Class Symbol
Crew 2 (single trapeze)
LOA 6.698 m
Draft 1.10 m
Hull weight 480 kg
Mainsail area 15.24 m2
Jib / Genoa area 7.69 m2
Spinnaker area 20.9 m2
Infobox last updated: 15-MRT-2010
Former Olympic Class

The Tempest is a keelboat designed by Ian Proctor. The Tempest has an unusual aspect in that it is a keelboat but also has a trapeze, a rigging element usually only found on certain dinghies. As a result the Tempest is just as exciting to sail as fast dinghies, but is much more forgiving and is unable to be capsized. Due to the planing hull shape and large sailplan, the Tempest is remarkably fast when sailing on a reach, and speeds in excess of 15 kts are not uncommon in moderate winds.

Tempests are sailed actively throughout the world with fleets in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, North America and Australia.

In sailing at the 1972 Summer Olympics the Tempest class was used alongside the Star class as an Olympic racing yacht. The Gold Medal was won by Valentyn Mankin and Vitaliy Dyrdyra of the Soviet Union. For the 1976 Olympics the Tempest class was used in place of the Star class. The Gold Medal was won by John Albrechtson and Ingvar Hansson of Sweden.

The Tempest is one of the potential Vintage Yachting Classes for the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games.

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