12 foot dinghy

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Current Specifications
File:12 foot dinghy.svg
Crew 1 or 2
LOA 3.66 m (12.0 ft)
Beam 1.43 m (4 ft 8 in)
Draft 0.92 m (3 ft 0 in)
Hull weight 104 kg (230 lb)
Mainsail area 9.3 m2 (100 sq ft)
Former Olympic Class

Designed by George Cockshott, an amateur boat designer from Southport, over ninety years ago, the International Twelve Foot Dinghy became the first one-design racing dinghy to gain international recognition. Today it is virtually forgotten in the United Kingdom, but the class still enjoys a sizeable following in the Netherlands, Italy and Japan, and is regaining popularity elsewhere. The foundations of the international association were laid at a meeting in the Hotel Jolanda, Portofino, Italy in May 2006 and this was followed by another meeting in Tuzla, Turkey in October 2007. During this time much progress has been made towards re-establishing the 12' Dinghy as a truly international class.

The 12’ Dinghy took part in the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games as part of the closing ceremony. The winners of the events took the helm during a short in-harbor regatta sailed in 12’ Dinghies. Majthényi Szabolcs winner in the Flying Dutchman became the 2008 Vintage Inter pares (VIP).

The 12 feet dinghy is one of the potential Vintage Yachting Classes for the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games.

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