Stealth (dinghy)

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Current Specifications
Crew 1
LOA 441 m (1,447 ft)
Beam 172 m (564 ft)
Draft 105 m (344 ft)
Hull weight 68 kg (150 lb)
Mainsail area 8.55 m2 (92.0 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 11.15 m2 (120.0 sq ft)
D-PN 88 (preliminary)

The Stealth is a single-handed sailing skiff. Manufactured by CL Sailboats in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Its flat design features wings for efficient hiking and instant planing on water. An asymmetrical spinnaker can be hoisted and retracted from a pocket on the foredeck. A trapeze is not needed, making this an intermediate to advance level boat, somewhere between Laser type boats and single handed skiffs.

Sails are made by the company Hyde Sails.

It is a newly designed boat. Designed by Tim Kernan. As of 2009 its design revisions are completed and being sold at CL Sailboats .

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