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Current Specifications
File:Vaurien dinghy.svg
Class Symbol
Crew 2
LOA 4.08 m
LWL 3.07 m
Beam 1.47 m
Draft 0.98 m
Hull weight 95 kg
Mainsail area 5.6 m2
Jib / Genoa area 2.5 m2
Spinnaker area 8.1 m2

The Vaurien is a dinghy designed by Jean-Jacques Herbulot in 1951, and presented in the Boat show in Paris in 1952. It was meant as a reasonable alternative for a boat with a crew of two, as much for its low cost, as for its simplicity to sail. The first units, sold in the mentioned Boat show, had a price equivalent to two bicycles of the time. It is a light, but robust, boat that soon found its place among beginners, especially in Europe and Africa.

Jean-Jacques Herbulot

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