MV Argobeam

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Name: Empire Calshot (1945–46)
Derrycunihy (1946–52)
Argobeam (1952–55)
Parkgate (1955–60)
Panagos (1960–68)
Owner: Ministry of War Transport (1945–46)
McCowan & Gross Ltd (1946–52)
Argobeam Shipping Co Ltd (1952–55)
Turnbull, Scott & Co Ltd (1955–60)
Compagnia Navigazione Patlem SA (1960–68)
Operator: H Hogarth & Co Ltd (1945–46)
McCowan & Gross Ltd (1946–52)
A Lusi Ltd (1952–55)
Turnbull, Scott & Co Ltd (1955–60)
G Lemos (1960–68)
Port of registry: United Kingdom Burntisland (1945–46)
United Kingdom London (1946–60)
22x20px Beirut (1960–68)
Builder: Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd
Yard number: 289
Launched: 10 July 1945
Completed: November 1945
Identification: United Kingdom Official Number 180352 (1945–60)
Fate: Scrapped 1968.
General characteristics
Tonnage: 7,130 GRT
4,860 NRT
Length: 427 feet 1 inch (130.18 m)
Beam: 57 feet 0 inches (17.37 m)
Depth: 35 feet 4 inches (10.77 m)
Installed power: 2SCSA diesel engine
Propulsion: Screw propellor

Argobeam was a 7,130 GRT cargo ship which was built in 1945 as Empire Calshot for the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT). In 1946 she was sold and renamed Derrycunihy. A further sale in 1952 saw her renamed Argobeam. In August 1955, an engine room fire left her listing 40° to port and she was abandoned. She was salvaged, repaired and sold, being renamed Parkgate. In 1960, she was sold to Panama and renamed Panagos, serving until scrapped in 1968.


The ship was built by Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Burntisland,[1] as yard number 289.[2] She was launched on 10 July 1945 and completed in November.[1]

The ship was 427 feet 1 inch (130.18 m) long, with a beam of 57 feet 0 inches (17.37 m) and a depth of 35 feet 4 inches (10.77 m). She had a GRT of 7,130 and a NRT of 4,860. She was propelled by a two-stroke, single cycle single action diesel engine which had three cylinders of 2358 inches (60 cm) diameter by 91516 inches (232 cm) stroke.[3]


Empire Calshot was built for the MoWT. She was operated under the management of H Hogarth & Sons Ltd. Empire Calshot was allocated the United Kingdom Official Number 169509. Her port of registry was Burntisland.[3] In 1946, she was sold to McCowan & Gross Ltd, London and renamed Derrycunihy, serving until 1952 when she was sold to Argobeam Shipping Co Ltd, London and renamed Argobeam. She was placed under the management of A Luisi Ltd, London.[1]

On 19 August 1955, a fire in her engine room left Argobeam listing 40° to port and the ship was abandoned. She was taken in tow by the tug Salveda on 21 August, arriving at Stornoway, Orkney Islands on 25 August. Following pumping out, she was towed to Copenhagen, Denmark to discharge her cargo and then to Hamburg. Argobeam was sold to Turnbull, Scott & Co, London, who had her repaired and renamed Parkgate.[1] In 1960, she was sold to Compagnia Navigazione Patlem SA, Panama and renamed Panagos.[2] She was operated under the management of G Lemos, Greece,[1] flying the Lebanese flag.[4] Panagos was scrapped in 1968 in Shanghai, China.[4]


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