Snow (ship)

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The "snow-brig" USS Niagara (center) in 1913.
File:18-gun snow mg 7059.jpg
Scale model of a 18-gun snow.

A snow (pronounced "snoo") or snaw, is a sailing vessel[1]. A type of brig (snows are often-referred to as "snow-brigs"), snows were primarily used as merchant ships, but saw war service as well. The twin brigs Lawrence and Niagara, American warships of the Battle of Lake Erie, were both snows.

Snows carried square sails on both masts, but had a small trysail mast, sometimes called a snowmast, stepped immediately abaft the mainmast. This mast could carry a trysail with a boom, with the luff of the trysail hooped to it. Sometimes, instead of a trysail mast, snows carried a horse on the mainmast, with the luff of the trysail attached to it by rings.

The Snow Rowand left Rotterdam and sailed to the port of Philadelphia, arriving in September 1753, q.v., (


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