Illusion (keelboat)

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The Illusion is a one-design, single-handed keelboat based on the lines of a 12 metre yacht. Its features include foot pedal steering, genoa roller reefing, full trimming facilities, large buoyancy tanks, and car-top mounting. It was designed by Jo Richards and Neil Graham in 1981.[1][2]

UK clubs

Clubs racing Illusions in the UK are:

  • Aldenham SC, Elstree (Herts.)[3]
  • Bembridge SC (IoW)[4]
  • West Kirby SC, Wirral (Merseyside)[5][not specific enough to verify]


Material GRP
Number of crew 1
LOA 3.70 m (12 ft)
LWL 3.23 m (10 ft 6 in)
Draft .69 m (27 in)
Beam .85 m (33 in)
Gross displacement 320 kg (710 lb)
(including skipper’s weight)
Ballast 160 kg (350 lb)
(variable, depending on skipper’s weight)
Sail area: main + jib 3.4 m2 (37 sq ft)
Sail area: spinnaker 4.5 m2 (48 sq ft)

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