Achilles 24

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The Achilles 24 is a class of small, well proportioned, fast and durable cruiser-racer yacht (sailboat). The 24 refers to its overall length (LOA) which is 23 ft 9ins.

Designed by Oliver Lee , nearly 600 were built in the 1960s to 1980s by Butler Mouldings near Swansea in South Wales, UK.

Achilles 24 yachts are notably seaworthy and have been sailed around the world.

Fin or Triple Keels

There are two distinct designs, although appearing the same above the waterline, the keel layout under the waterline is either a single fin keel or a triple keel. The triple keel allows the yacht to stand almost upright, ideal for tidal moorings and storage on land.

There is reputedly little difference in performance between the fin and triple keel design.

Sleek Design

Down below deck, the yacht has four berths and a simple but functional cooker and chart table. The yacht's sleek design makes it look good and in proportion, unlike many other yachts in the 24 foot size range. However, this leads to less headroom below decks and makes the yacht less suitable to those sailors with less agility.

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There are several variants on the Achilles 24, early prototypes that are still in active service. There is also the Achilles 9 - a 9 metre sailing cruiser which remains popular and enjoys a loyal following.

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