Flying Fifteen (keelboat)

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Current Specifications
Class Symbol
Crew 2
LOA 20 ft (6.1 m)
Beam 5 ft (1.5 m)
Hull weight 677 lb (307 kg)
Main & Jib area 150 sq ft (14 m2)
Spinnaker area 150 sq ft (14 m2)

The Flying Fifteen is a 20-foot two person keeled sailboat.

Designed by the legendary Uffa Fox in 1947, the 6m (20ft) Flying Fifteen has maintained its reputation as an exciting and competitive two-man racing craft. It provides access to sailing at reasonable prices for men and women from 15 to 75 and beyond.


The Flying Fifteen was quickly popular and the most famous Flying Fifteen is "Coweslip" presented to the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Elizabeth as a wedding present. Uffa Fox and Prince Philip frequently sailed together at Cowes.

The Flying Fifteen has been modernised over the years with Uffa Fox agreeing to changes towards the end of his life to improve the design specification and sail plan. By this time, the class had established itself in a number of countries and when John Calvert-Jones came from Australia and won the UK championships, the stimulus was provided for the move to seek international status. Under the guidance of Tom Ratcliffe, an International Federation of Flying Fifteen Associations was formed by nine countries from four continents. The first world championships were held in Perth, Australia in 1979 and subsequently have alternated between the Northern and Southern hemispheres biennially. The first European Championship took place in Spain in May 2004.

The 2005 World Championships took place at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club in Auckland, New Zealand during March 2005, and were won by Nick and Janet Jerwood sailing AUS 3743. There was also a separate division for Silver and Classic Flying Fifteens which was won by Sandra Williams/Richard Fletcher in NZL 3165 and John Midolo/Rosemary Midolo in AUS 2672 respectively. The 2006 European Championships took place at Hayling Island Sailing Club in Great Britain in July 2006. The 2007 World Championships was at the Reial Club Nàutic de Port de Pollença in Spain during June 2007.

As of April 2008 The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Melbourne Australia was planned to host the 2009 event.


The International Federation is firmly committed to the one-design ideal and is actively promoting tighter tolerances and improved measuring techniques. The Flying Fifteen is now much more tightly toleranced than in the past and it is now not unusual for boats up to or even over five years old to be fully competitive.

Racing takes place both at sea and on inland waters, particularly large reservoirs and lakes to which the Flying Fifteen is well suited. Although national and world championships are an important feature of the class programme, every effort is made to encourage racing at all levels. Club sailing is the backbone of fleets throughout the world and close racing is enjoyed by men and women, both as helm and crew, with all ranges of ability and age.

Racing results

World Championships

2009 Australia (Victoria)

2007 Spain Mike Hart & Tim Hall (3817) Open Vincent & Patrick Harris (2964) Silver Simon Dangerfield & David Hemingway (2663) Classic

2005 Australia - Nick & Janet Jerwood (3743) Open

New Zealand - Sandra Williams & Richard Fletcher (3165) Silver

Australia - John & Rosemary Midolo (2672) Classic (Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Akarana Yacht Club - New Zealand)

2003 United Kingdom - Barry & Sue Parkin (3630) Open

United Kingdom - Brian Campbell-Bottoms & Allan Harley (3175) Silver

United Kingdom - Simon Dangerfield & John Washington (798) Classic (Sailed under the burgee of National Yacht Club - Ireland)

2001 United Kingdom - Charles Apthorp & Andy Weatherspoon (Four Winds 3591) Open

South Africa - Peter Morgenrood & Jeremy Kriek (Femme Fatale 2766) Classic (Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Natal Yacht Club - South Africa)

Year Nation Crew (boat) Burgee
1999 United Kingdom Steve Goacher & Phil Evans (Two Lunches 3621) Sailed under the burgee of the Esperance Bay Yacht Club, Australia
1997 United Kingdom Steve Goacher & Phil Evans (3521) Sailed under the burgee of the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club - British Isles)
1995 United Kingdom Steve Goacher & Phil Evans (3521) Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club - Hong Kong)
1994 New Zealand Roger Craddock & Steve Cunnold (Whiffler 3371) (Sailed under the burgee of the Timaru Yacht and Power Boat Club - New Zealand)
1992 United Kingdom Rupert Mander & Gareth Edwards (Funny Face 3292) (Sailed under the burgee of National Yacht Club - Ireland)
1990 United Kingdom Alan Bax & Alan Lockhart (Willie Wonka 3234) (Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron - Australia)
1988 United Kingdom Nigel Buckley & Tim Hancock (Deejay 3182) (Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club - British Isles)
1986 Australia Glen Coulton & Grant Schultz (Instant Replay 2975) Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club - Hong Kong)
1984 Australia Graeme Lillingston & Mike McKenzie (Gripple Nipper 2682) Sailed under the burgee of the Kinsale Yacht Club - Ireland)
1982 Australia Peter Gale & Mark Rimmington (Zero G 2386) Sailed under the burgee of the Napier Sailing Club - New Zealand)
1980 New Zealand Barry Finlayson & Ian Norrie (Segundo 1) Sailed under the burgee of the Hayling Island Sailing Club - British Isles)
1979 Australia John Cassidy & Don Russell (Free 'N' Easy 2246) Sailed under the burgee of the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club - Australia)

Some results are incomplete i.e. 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1990.

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