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Vindö was a little boat yard on the Swedish west coast, situated between Orust and the mainland outside Uddevalla. The yard was best known for their fantastic small wooden boats in the 1960s, and converted to GRP material in 1965. First they updated the present range of Vindö 30, but the newcomer - the 35 feet long Vindö 50 made the little yard famous. The combination of GRP hull and fine quality teak and mahogany structures demanded for newer boats, and the 29 feet long Vindö 32 was launched in 1973. Shortly after came the 32 feet long Vindö 40 - best known for the reversed topsides of the hull. In 1982 came Vindö 45 - a 34 feet long boat with more modern lines - and a greater volume. This was shortly followed by the first of many bankruptcies, and the yard stopped production of new boats in 1990.

There has also been the Vindö 70, 65 and 90 but these had limited production volume.

Of earlier boats the Vindö 22, 28 and 30 are to be mentioned.

Vindö yachts have a reputation of being among the best cruiser yachts ever built and used Vindös are frequently sold at or above their respective prices as new boats.