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Specifications Under Current Rules
Number of crew 2-3
LOA 34.44 ft 10.5m
LWL 29.53 ft 9.0m
Draft 6.5 ft (optional 5.5 ft shoal draft) 1.98 m (1.67m shoal draft)
Beam 11.0 ft 3.35 m
Hull weight 3,400 lb 1,542 kg
Displacement 7,750 lb 3,515 kg
Engine 20 hp 14.9 kW
Sail Area Total 577 ft^2 53.6 m^2

The International J/105 is a fixed keel "one design" racing sailboat. It was the first production boat featuring a retractable bowsprit, which allows for an unusually large asymmetric spinnaker.[1] It was introduced in 1991 by J/Boats and designed by Rod Johnstone.[2] J/105s are a common sight in one design racing[3] and as of 2006, J/Boats has built over 720 J/105s.[1] The J/105 is regarded as a fast design with a clean deck layout.[4] It was selected as the 1992 "Boat of the Year" in the Racer/Cruiser category by Sailing World Magazine.[3][5] [6]

The concept behind the J/105 line is to produce boats that are fast, strong, fun and easy to sail shorthanded while racing in One Design fleets or while cruising with dodger raised, sails furled and swim ladder swung off the transom.

J/105 has the stability, rig and sail controls to handle 15-20 knot winds without the need of reefing. It has the strength and seaworthiness for ocean going passages.

The J/105 is the most successful one-design keelboat class over 30' in the USA with over 676 boats sailing worldwide. The class association is an owner managed organization with strict one-design rules.

In 2008, J/Boats announced that new J/105 production commenced at the US Watercraft facility in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. US Watercraft is also the official builder for the International J/22 (since 2001) and International J/24 (since 1999).

J/105 sailing downwind under spinnaker.


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