Knarr (type of yacht)

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Current Specifications
Crew 3 - 4
LOA 9.28 m
LWL 6.21 m
Beam 2.12 m
Draft 1.30 m
Hull weight 2,250 kg (1,300 kg keel)
Mainsail area 17.60 m2
Jib / Genoa area 9.00 m2
Spinnaker area none
For the Norse ship, see knaar

The Knarr is a Bermuda rigged, long keeled, sailing yacht designed by Erling L. Kristofersen, Norway, in 1943.

Originally it was traditionally built in wood, with the hull upside down on a fixed frame or plug and attaching the iron keel after having finished the hull. The hull planks were manufactured with convex and concave edges (bead and cove) and glued together. Since 1973 it has been built in glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) with the same weight distribution as in the design of the original wooden version.

The Knarr is mostly found in Norway, Denmark and San Francisco, USA. There are some vintage knarrer in Northern Germany some racing and some just cruised for pleasure, sailing under their historic Scandinavian sail numbers as classics.

In 2010, Germany will have its first official representative in the International Knarr Championship (IKC) being held in San Francisco at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Since 1969, The International Knarr Championship has been held annually alternating between San Francisco, USA, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo and Bergen, Norway. Knarrs are currently built by a boat builder in Germany.

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