Albacore (dinghy)

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Specifications Under Current Rules
Number of crew 2
LOA 4.57 m 15 ft
Beam 1.53 m 5 ft
Min. Hull weight (with fittings) 109 kg 240 lb
Min. all up weight (with spars, foils, etc.) 137 kg 300 lb
Draft (centreboard down) 1.27 m 4 ft 2 in
Draft (foils up) .15 m 6 in
Sail area of Jib 3.31 m² 35.63 ft²
Sail area of Main 8.3 m² 89.34 ft²
Sail area total 11.61 m² 125 ft²
Portsmouth rating (2006) 90.4
An Albacore dinghy planing

The Albacore is a 4.57 m (15 ft) planing dinghy developed in 1954 from an Uffa Fox design. Hulls may be made of either wood or fibreglass.

By 2005 over 8,000 Albacores have been built and the class is actively raced in England, the United States and Canada. (See Dinghy racing for more information on these races.)

The Class has a biannual world championship with the venue alternating between the three key countries where the class is sailed. The 2005 championship was held in Lyme Regis in Dorset. The 2007 championship was held at the West River Sailing Club in Galesville, Maryland, USA. The 2009 championship was held in Largs, Scotland and won by US Sailors Barney Harris and David Byron. The 2011 championship will be held in Toronto, Ontario.

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