Musto Performance Skiff

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Musto Performance Skiff
File:Musto Skiff.jpg
A Musto Performance Skiff reaching at Lake Garda
Current Specifications
Crew 1
Type Monohull
Trapeze Yes
LOA 4.55 m (14.9 ft)
Beam 1.35 m (4.4 ft)
2.35 m (7.7 ft) (with racks)
Hull weight 44 kg (97 lb)
Mainsail area 11.8 m2 (127 sq ft)
Jib / Genoa area 15.5 m2 (167 sq ft) (Gennaker)
Designer Joachim Harpprecht

The Musto Performance Skiff is a single-handed sailing skiff with a length of 4.55m. It features a trapeze, asymmetrical spinnaker, wings and low weight and achieves speeds of over twenty knots which makes it one of the fastest single-handed sailing boats.

It was designed for the 2000 Olympic Class trials in Quiberon by Joachim Harpprecht where it won every race in the single-handed dinghy competition. Since then, the class has grown mainly in the UK and Europe. The racing circuit had up to seven nations participating at regattas in 2004.

It is a demanding boat for experienced dinghy sailors. At the time of the design, the concept of a single-handed skiff was first met with scepticism by many observers, very similar to the initial reaction after the introduction of the 49er in 1996. Since then other single-handed skiff classes such as the RS700 have developed, bringing this kind of boat closer to mainstream dinghy sailing.

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