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Current Specifications
An NS14 being prepared for sailing near the Tasman Bridge, Hobart.
Class Symbol
Crew 2
LOA 4.27 metres (14.0 ft)
Beam 1.6–1.8 metres (5.2–5.9 ft)
Hull weight 64 kilograms (140 lb)
Main & Jib area 9.3 square metres (100 sq ft)
Mainsail area 6.9–7.0 square metres (74–75 sq ft)
Jib / Genoa area 2.3 square metres (25 sq ft)

The NS14 (or Northbridge Senior 14) is an Australian restricted development class of sailing dinghy. Measuring 14 feet in length, the class was designed the 1960 and introduced at the Northbridge sailing club in Sydney, Australia, with control of the class transferred to the NS14 Association of New South Wales in 1965.[1] Subsequently the boat was introduced to the other states, prior to being taken to New Zealand in 1995 and the United States in 1998.[2]

Designed around the New Zealand Javelin hull, the boat was designed to be a high performance class for family sailing. The boat lacks both a trapeze and a spinnaker, which allows it to be easily handled by both novice and family crews.[1]


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