Windy (dinghy)

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Current Specifications
Crew 2
LOA 5280 mm
Beam 1980 mm
Draft 1250 mm
Hull weight 145 kg
Mast height 7650 mm
Mainsail area 11.5 m2
Spinnaker area 20 m2

Windy is a French racing class doublehanded dinghy created in 1962–64. Until circa 1989, about 1500–2000 were built. About half were sold in Germany. Races are held yearly, mainly in France and Germany. In 2008 new-produced boats are offered again.

There are four variants:

  1. Standard (1962–69), competition and leisure
  2. Racing (ca 1969–77), competition and touring
  3. Racing S (ca 1977–85?), competition
  4. Racing Super (ca 1985–), competition

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