Windmill (sailing dinghy)

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Current Specifications
Class Symbol
Crew 2
LOA 4.72 m (15.5 ft)
Beam 1.43 m (4 ft 8 in)
Draft 1.28 m (4 ft 2 in)
Hull weight 90 kg (200 lb)
Mast height 6.18 m (20.3 ft)
Main & Jib area 119 sq ft (11 m2)

The Windmill is a two person one-design sailing dinghy designed by Clark Mills in 1953. It was designed to be inexpensive and buildable by amateur woodworkers, such as father-and-son team. Originally conceived as a follow-on to Mills' popular Optimist dinghy, it proved itself fast and competitive without the complexity of a spinnaker or trapeze.

Construction of the boat is somewhat unorthodox: design has no frames at all. The plywood hull is constructed on the jig with longerons forming the hull shape; the longerons are in turn stiffened by two thwarts and the transom piece. The result is lightweight yet strong, quick-to-construct hull. This, combined with good performance of the boat has made it popular with homebuilders. Glass-reinforced plastic is also allowed as hull material.

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