Sea Bright Skiff

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The Sea Bright Skiff is a development of the Jersey Skiff. It was developed on the northern shore of New Jersey to be used for fishing, by being launched through the surf, sailed to the fishing grounds, and returned through the surf.


The boat is slightly different from the Jersey Skiff by being more rounded and including a shorter freeboard. Both boats, serving a similar need, have very similar lines. The boat, however, is characterized by a nearly straight stem, rounded sides, a narrow flat bottom (wider though than the Jersey Skiff), and a heart shaped transom. The boat was usually rigged with either a lug mainsail or sprit sail and small jib with an unstayed mast. The early fishing versions used an oar as the rudder, more modern versions, however, have a regular rudder & tiller.

This boat has nearly disappeared from the shores of New Jersey except as used by lifeguards (rowing configuration only).

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