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Current Specifications
Crew 1-2
Type Monohull
Construction Wood; Fiberglass
Rig Catboat
LOA 13 ft 6 in (4.11 m)
Beam 6 ft (1.8 m)
Hull weight 430 lb (200 kg)
Mast height 23 ft 5 in (7.14 m)
Total sail area 130 sq ft (12 m2)
Year 1945
Designer Philip Rhodes

The WoodPussy is a 13½’ catboat designed by Philip Rhodes. The first boats were constructed in 1945 by Palmer Scott Boat Works. These boats were wood with wooden masts. The class switched to fiberglass hulls in the early 1960's. It is estimated that 800-850 hulls were constructed by Palmer Scott, MarScott and O'Day.

Today there are four fleets of WoodPussys: Monmouth Boat Club and Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club, both in New Jersey. Crystal Lake Yacht Club, Frankfort, MI and NorthEast WoodPussy Association, Long Island, NY. The WoodPussy is used for both daysailing and racing.

The Weeks Yacht Yard in New York is now building new fiberglass WoodPussys.

Specifications Under Current Rules

  • Number of crew 1-2
  • LOA 13ft 6in
  • Beam 6ft 0in
  • Hull weight 430lbs
  • Mast Height 23.5ft
  • Sail Area 130 sq ft

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