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MG14 or Manly Graduate 14ft is a two person skiff with a wave piecing hull and asymmetric spinnaker. It was designed in 1963 at Manly Sailing Club in Sydney. The MG14 is used as a stepping stone between the smaller Manly Junior and the larger skiffs such as the 14ft skiff and 49ers. The NS14, based on the MG, has the same hull designs but the class does not allow spinnakers or trapezes. The NS14 and MG14 share the same hull and sail measurements. The MG was first designed with a double luff spinnaker but was modified for an asymmetric spinnaker for ease of use and speed of hoisting. The MG has various hull designs of the same relativity but some have higher stability or higher speed. The MG14 is a very popular class with large fleets in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and even some boats in the Australian Capital Territory. The Class has a tight set of rules so the boats can modernise but the older ones still remain competitive for many years. Because of this MG's have good resale value.

Main class specifications

  • Length: 14ft (4.25 - 4.30m)
  • Beam: 1.60 - 1.83m.
  • Minimum Hull Weight: 64 kg.
  • Working Sail Area: 9.3 sq m (mainsail and jib)
  • Asymmetric Spinnaker: 14m perimeter.
  • Double luff Spinnaker: 7.5 sq m.
  • Crew: Two.
  • Trapezes: One.

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