Y flyer

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Y Flyer
File:Y-Flyer Sailboat.png
Class Symbol
Current Specifications
Crew 2
Type Monohull
Construction Wood; Fiberglass
LOA 5.486 m (18 ft 0 in)
Beam 1.767 m (5 ft 9.6 in)
Draft 1.219 m (4 ft 0 in)
Hull weight 226.7 kg (500 lb)
Main & Jib area 14.9 m2 (160 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 51.15 m2 (550.6 sq ft)

The Y Flyer is a 18 foot sloop rigged racing dinghy sailed by 2 people. Although the boat looks much like a scow, the bottom of the hull is not quite flat enough to be one. Y-flyers are built of either wood or fiberglass. Many are built by their owners.

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