Holdfast Trainer

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Holdfast Trainer
File:Holdfast Trainer fully rigged.jpg
Holdfast Trainer at Brighton, South Australia
Class Symbol
Current Specifications
Crew 2 people under the age of 16
Keel Daggerboard
Trapeze No
LOH 8 feet (2.4 m)
Spinnaker area Whisky Pole to reverse jib down wind
Year 1948
Location Holdfast Bay, South Australia
Role Sail trainer
Infobox last updated: 20 January 2010

The Holdfast Trainer is a South Australian sailing dinghy designed for junior sailors in 1948 under the required age of 16.[1] Based on the Sabot, the class features a hard-chine wooden or fiberglass hull with a flat (or "pram") bow and a daggerboard. Unlike the Sabot, the Holdfast Trainer has both a main and a jib in order to facilitate a two-person crew and to teach jib handling. To make space for the jib, the mast was stepped further back and a bowsprit was added. Modern versions include waterproof bulkheads to provide additional flotation.[2]

The boat has been sailed for many years by 8 to 15 year olds at South Australian sailing clubs, with the first state championships being held in 1958 and still continueing on today .[1] One of those clubs, the Port Lincoln Yacht Club, has continuously sailed the dinghy for over 50 years, and held their 50th Anniversary celebrations for the class in 2010 at the recent states and metropolitan championships.[3]


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