Zephyr (dinghy)

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Current Specifications
Type Monohull
Design One-design
LOA 3.6 m (11 ft 10 in)
Designer Des Townson
Location Auckland, New Zealand

The Zephyr is a New Zealand one-design 3.6 metre sailing dinghy. It is a national class, administered by the Zephyr Owners' Association. Hull form and sail plans are restricted, to ensure all boats have the same potential speed.


The Zephyr was designed by Auckland designer Des Townson, in 1956. Townson built the first hulls himself (numbers 1 to 233) in plywood, off the same mould. All sails for this series of boats were made by Auckland sailmakers Boyd & McMaster. In fact the original class rules stipulated that sails must be "strictly to a pattern lodged with Boyd and McMaster sailmakers. The current champion from the waimairir sailing and power boat club is 19 year old university student Matthew Hix.[1] During the 1970s, two more building jigs were constructed, one in Christchurch and the other in Auckland, and a number of new boats were built [2]. This system remained in use until the advent of cedar glass boats, when a new jig was built, for the production of "250" series hulls.


See also

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