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Current Specifications
Class Symbol
Crew 2 (twin trapeze)
LOA 4.8 m (16 ft)
LWL 4.40 m (14.4 ft)
Beam 1.88–2.89 m (Template:Convert/Dual/LoffAnd)
Hull weight 110 kg (240 lb)
Main & Jib area 16.5 m2 (178 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 21 m2 (230 sq ft)

The RS800 is a fast, light-weight sailing dinghy designed by Phil Morrison. The boat is sailed by 2 people both on trapeze and runs a main, jib and Spinnaker. It has 2 racks that extend from either side of the boat to allow a wide range of crew weights.

Similar boats: 49er, 29erXX, Cherub (dinghy) etc

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