Coypu (dinghy)

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Current Specifications
Crew 2
Type Monohull
Construction Fiberglass
Keel Centreboard
LOH 3.510 metres (11 ft 6.2 in)
Beam 1.520 metres (4 ft 11.8 in)
Main & Jib area 8 square metres (86 sq ft)

The Coypu is a class of small sailing dinghy. It is a highly stable boat, suitable for beginners, and is normally sailed by two people, although three can be accommodated comfortably.


There are variants in the design of the coypu depending on the builder. The hull is normally Glass-reinforced plastic construction, with buoyancy tanks front sides and rear. The Centreboard is metal, and the rudder is removable, either fixed (i.e. does not have a downhaul) or with a moveable blade.

Most coypu mainsails are normally raised by feeding the luff into the track on the mast, although there are variants that have gunter rig sails

The mainsheet is fixed to the stern of the boat. A jib is used for normal use and only one size is available.

The boat is heavy in comparison with other dinghies, so traditionally they have proved popular at training centres where it is not necessary to remove the boat from the water on a regular basis. However the design provides a stable boat in all weathers which is ideal for beginners- especially juniors.

There was also a "Sea Scout" version of the Coypu dinghy[1]


The coypu is a rather old design of boat. It is possible to get replacement spares. The design of the boat meant that small boatyards and centres could build their own fleet easily, with assistance from a mould. The design also meant that they were easy to repair, and as a result they have a long service life.

Previous centres known to build Coypu Hulls include:

Herts Young Mariners Base in Hertfordshire (Last manufactured in 1970's).

Barton Turf Outdoor Education Centre in Norfolk.

Dawn Craft of Wroxham, Norfolk.

Current builder of Coypu dinghies: