Zoom 8

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Current Specifications
Class Symbol
Crew 1
LOA 2.65 m
Beam 1.45 m
Hull weight 44 kg (with fittings)
Mainsail area 4.9 m2

The Zoom 8 is a youth racing dinghy sailed in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, The Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. It is designed by the Finn/Swede Henrik Segercrantz. The Zoom 8 is considered an excellent transition dinghy from the Optimist and the more physically demanding dinghies such as the Laser, Europe and 29er, and although many attempts have been made by other classes to fill this gap, the Zoom 8 dinghy is one of the few to have succeeded.

The Swedish Zoom 8 Association note that the Zoom 8 is a calm, safe boat and simple enough that beginners are able to sail it.

The Zoom 8 has been spread all over Sweden since 1995 followed a few years later by Denmark and these two countries have won numerous medals in the European and World Championships.

The 2006 World championships were held in Køge, Denmark and the world champions are: Magnus Kældsø (DEN) and Henriette Søster Frislev (DEN)


The Zoom 8 is currently produced in Denmark(http://www.borresen.com/) Finland, and Russia

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