Mutineer 15

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Specifications Under Current Rules

Number of crew 2
LOA 4.57 m 15ft
Beam 1.83 6ft
Draft CB up 8"
Draft CB down 4'1"
Hull weight (with fittings) 410lbs
Sail Area of total of Main and Jib 150sq.ft
Sail Area Spinnaker 166sq.ft
DPN (2001) [1] 96.1

The Mutineer is a 15 foot sailing vessel. It is a smaller version of the Buccaneer 18, both of which were designed by Rod MacAlpine-Downie and Dick Gibbsmade and manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation. Production ended in 1984,but production resumed in 2006. There is still an active racing class in the US.

A Mutineer and barge share the Mississippi River


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