RS Feva

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Current Specifications
Crew 2
LOA 3.64 m
Beam 1.42 m
Hull weight 63 kg
Mainsail area 5.5 or 6.5 m2
Jib / Genoa area 2.1 m2
Spinnaker area 7 m2

The RS Feva is a two person sailing dinghy designed by Paul Handley in 2002. It has a lightweight, fast, beamy planing hull, suitable for general purpose sailing, training or racing and is popular as a double-handed racing boat in Europe for junior sailors. It is an RYA recognized junior class and an ISAF International Class. The 2010 Feva Worlds are in Carnac, France with over 130 entries.

The RS Feva comes in two versions; the RS Feva S and RS Feva XL. The RS Feva S is the pleasure-sailing package, and comes with a "soft" unbattened mainsail (and can be upgraded with a jib and/or gennaker). The RS Feva XL is the racing standard, and comes with the same hull and spars as the Feva S but the sail package is upgraded to a full-battened mylar racing mainsail, with the same jib and gennaker included. (Both jib and gennaker can be used at the same time for power reaching.)

The hull is made of Polyethylene which is extremely durable and maintenance free. The RS Feva has expanded rapidly worldwide, the total number of boats produced topping 3000 by mid-2009.

The Feva currently popular in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong, and only just (re-)appearing in North America. Originally introduced in N.A. by Vanguard, that company's demise shortly after the boat's introduction delayed availability and popularity. RS Sailing has recently (early 2010) established a network of "Super Dealers" in the United States.


  • 2006 - Circolo Nautico Brenzone, Lake Garda, Italy
  • 2008 - Gottskar, Sweden
  • 2010 - Yacht Club de Carnac, Southern Brittany, France


  • 2007 - Waterford Harbour Sailing Club, Co. Waterford, Ireland
  • 2009 - Yacht Club Acquafresca, Lake Garda, Italy



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