Javelin dinghy

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Specifications Under Current Rules
Number of crew 2
LOA 14 ft
Beam 5 ft 8 in
Draft 3 ft 10 in
Hull weight (with fittings) 475 lb
Sail Area of total of Main and Jib 125ft²

The Javelin can refer to several different class of boats. The boats are significantly different and only have the same name by coincidence.

Javelin (US)

The oldest is the 14-foot dinghy designed by Uffa Fox in 1960 and built by the O'Day company until the mid-1980s. The boat is a comfortable daysailer. Over 5000 were produced in the United States and they are still being built in Japan.

Specifications Under Current Rules
Number of crew 2 (Single Trapeze)
LOA 5360 mm 17 ft 7 in
Beam 1680 mm 5 ft 6 in
Draft 130 mm4 ft 3 in
Hull weight (with fittings) 118 kg 260 lb
Sail Area of total of Main and Jib 15.79 m2 170 ft2
Sail Area of total of Spinnaker 15.79 m2 170 ft2

Javelin (UK, NL & DE)

The Javelin Class is also a 17.7-foot dinghy designed by Peter Milne in 1968. The boat is different from the first. It is designed with plenty of sail area and a single trapeze. The boat is actively raced in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. 150px 90px 150px

Javelin (New Zealand / Australia)

The NZ Javelin is a high performance skiff type dinghy sailed in Australia and New Zealand. The class was founded by the New Zealand Designer John Spencer in 1961. John also founded the Cherub Class. It is 14 feet long, sporting a large sail area single trapeze and asymmetrical spinnaker. The Javelin is a development class, meaning that boats vary in shape within a framework of rules, rather than being all built to the same design. Bruce Farr is another well known designer who drew successful Javelins.

Its lightweight 70 kg hull, and powerful, efficient sail plan allow it to exceed speeds of 25 knots and provide an exhilarating "ride" with exciting fleet racing.

Specifications Under Current Rules
Number of crew 2 (Single Trapeze)
LOA 4267 mm 14 ft
Beam 1727 mm 5 ft 8 in
Hull weight (with fittings) 70kg 150 lb
Sail Area total of Main 11.6 m2 125 ft2
Sail Area total of Jib 4.3 m2 50 ft2
Sail Area total of Gennaker 18.6 m2 200ft2

Competitions and Racing

Both Australia and New Zealand run their respective National championships each year, with New Zealand holding a National contest ever since 1964.

The two countries race each other every second year in the Javelin Class South Pacific Championships, sailing for the "Air New Zealand Trophy". This contest was first sailed during the season of 1968 - 69 and was first won by the New Zealand Javelin "Rangi". The South Pacific Championships is the most sought over of the titles.

Sanders Memorial Cup (NZ)

The Sanders Cup is the oldest sailing trophy sailed for in New Zealand. The Sanders Cup holds a special place New Zealand Yachting History. It is the oldest trophy sailed for in New Zealand under its original inception. It is the only remaining senior interprovincial challenge competition still sailed for today.

Since the inaugural races in 1921 it has been sailed for every year with the exception of 1942-45. The Sanders Memorial Cup was presented by Messrs Walker and Hall Limited in 1921 in the memory of Lieutenant Commander W.E.Sanders, V.C., D.S.O., R.N.R. for interprovincial competition between 14ft one design yachts.

The Javelin class sail each year for the Sanders Cup, with only one entry from each region in New Zealand allowed. A sail off takes place to determine who will represent each region.


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