Texas Tornado (dinghy)

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The Texas Tornado is a 16 foot, fiberglass sailing dinghy with sloop rigging, designed for high performance, and carrying 160 sq. ft. of sail. File:Texas Tornado racing.jpg


  • LOA 16’ 5” (aprox 5 meters)
  • Waterline 15' 7”
  • Beam 5’ 7”
  • Mast 22'
  • Boom 11' 6"
  • Sail Area 160 ft (mainsail and jib, spinnaker is additional)
  • Draft, centerboard raised: 6"
  • Draft, centerboard down: 3' 9"
  • Displacement: 425 pounds, fully rigged.
  • Portsmouth handicap of 91 (high, indicating the quickness of this boat).

Planing bottom allows exceeding hull speed. Large, foam-filled flotation tanks on each side make it unsinkable, and give the mainsheetman lots of time to recover a roll and avoid capsizing. Self-bailing scuppers keep the interior free of water.

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